About Wander Data


I’m Juan, a data guy, Pokemon Trainer, wannabe photographer, and now, world traveler.

Back in May 2019, I quitted my lovely job, sold my belongings, and jumped into an airplane. The goal was to explore the world as much as possible, aka as long as my savings, feet, and sanity allow me.

Being the data person I am, I thought that besides documenting my travels through beautiful and colorful pictures, I could record it and relive them through the data.

This blog is about this data.

Here, in Wander Data, I’ll share curious findings, statistics, and insights I have obtained through this adventure. Questions such as “how many steps I have taken today?” and “is it possible to use clustering to find an optimal route?” are some of the inquiries I’m interested in answering.

Wander Data

Previously, I worked as a Big Data and Machine Learning Engineer at LOVOO, a dating company based in Germany. At LOVOO, I was part of the Antispam team, where my role was writing software and designing systems that use data and machine learning to detect spammers and scammers in the platform and to avoid the proliferation of them.

My areas of preferences include working on the complete pipeline of the machine learning system - prototyping, feature selection, and engineering and training - with the purpose of making it ready for production. Besides this, I enjoy working with unsupervised learning, object detection, and data analytics.

Furthermore, I love speaking publicly and sharing knowledge about what I do at work and about my projects. So, invite me to speak at your event!

My hobbies are photography, bouldering, and writing.

You can find more of my work at my main page juandes.com

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